Autumn 2015

Respect Tokens - Autumn 2015

Van Gogh


Da Vinci






Housecaptains Keira Moore and Kavish Gandhi  parade the trophy around the playground. Van Gogh have won every competition in 2015. 


18.12.15 - IT'S VAN GOGH'S 5th TITLE

11.12.15 - Van Gogh and Da Vinci break the record for the most Respect Tokens in one term. Well done.

04.12.15 - Van Gogh pass 6000 and are set to beat the record.

27.11.15 - Van Gogh close in on 6000.

20.11.15 - Van Gogh march on and close in on the all time record for Respect Token collected in a term - 6342 set by Monet in 2013.

13.11.15 - Da Vinci through 4000

06.11.15 - Van Gogh through 4000 Respect Tokens

22.10.15 - Van Gogh lead into half-term.

16.10.15 - It's still Van Gogh.

02.10.15 - Van Gogh lead but only just.

25.9.15 - Van Gogh continue to lead but it Da Vinci that go into second.

11.9.15 - Van Gogh and Monet already set to dominate the competition this term. 

4.9.15 - Monet have opened up a new term with a lead that hasn't been seen for 3 years. The changes in year groups, a new group in Reception and new additons to the school have all combined to change the fortunes of the greens from last to first in one term.