Autumn 2017




Van Gogh




Da Vinci


FINAL - A final combined figure of 29,512 Respect Tokens set a new record of the most earned in one term. Monet’s win earned them a 5th win and set a new individual house record with the figure of 7811.

Week 13 - It's going to be close int he final week. But the record for the most accumulated in a term has been broken with 28,000 Respect Tokens already in the bag. 

Week 12 - Monet still out in front

Week 11 - Records are set to be broken as the 20,000 Respect Token barrier is passed and Monet look set to receive a record haul for an indivudal house. (6959 by Van Gogh in Autumn 2015).

Week 10 - Monet extebd their lead.

Week 9 - All change at the top and bottom as Monet strom into the lead and Picasso leap frog Da Vinci

Week 8 - Van Gogh by 6 Respect Tokens

Week 7 - Van Gogh head the way

Week 5 - Three houses already passing the 2,000 Respect Token barrier.

Week 4 - Van Gogh begin to dominate.

Week 1 - Very early stages and a solid start from all the houses.