France 2013

Friday 7th June - 17:24 - (English time) We are currently powering our way up the M20 towards the M25. We think our eta will be closer to 8pm. We will keep you posted. The children are in good spirits currently watching Oliver! We plan to stop for a quick toilet break very soon. 

Friday 7th June - 15.55 (French time) We have just boarded the ferry heading for home. Unfortunately we were slightly held up getting to Calais which caused us to miss our intended departure time, but we were able to simply get on to the next one. Mr Dwight led a singalong in the boarding area car park while we were waiting. 

Friday 7th June - 07:19 (French time) 'Team' is the word of the morning as the children are working together to get their rooms ready for one last kit inspection. There are mixed emotions as we come to the end of a great week that we don't want to leave, but there is definitely an excitement about being reunited with family members this evening. 

Thursday 6th June - 23:26 (French time) all in bed and fast asleep after a lively disco. The children were impressive with their dance moves and favourite songs. It was the perfect way to finish a great week. 

Thursday 6th June - 17:23 (French time) just got back from Rouen after a wonderful time. We looked around the cathedral and learnt about various historical figures, most notably Joan of Arc. Children enjoyed speaking French and consuming ice cream along with souvenir shopping. 

Thursday 6th June - 07:03 (French time) all awake after a sound nights sleep. We're off to Rouen for the day. The weather is looking very good. 

Wednesday 5th June - 22:39 (French time) children are now all in bed settling down after a low key evening at the end of a busy day. After a tasty lasagne for dinner (the bread levels are now consistent) we relaxed playing rounders while the sun was setting. Just time then for showers and lights out. See you in the morning. 

Wednesday 5th June - 18:26 (French time) Another busy day exploring Dieppe and the having lunch on the beach under the lovely blue skies. After lunch we headed to the cider farm where we had the opportunity to try different types of apple juice and vinegar. We are now relaxing in the Kingswood grounds; some children are playing football while others are relaxing in the shade or playing frisbee.


Wednesday 5th June - 07:11 (French time) a sound nights sleep from everyone. All very quiet throughout the night. Children ave been up for 11 minutes and are currently getting ready for room inspection! The forecast looks sunny as we prepare for a day in Dieppe.  

Tuesday 4th June - 20:47 (French time) We've had a very busy day travelling round all the local WWI memorial sites. The children have been very respectful of the occasion and we even observed a minutes silence in honour of soldiers who lost their lives. The weather has been great, very sunny all day. Currently we are in the middle of our evening activities. Those who did archery last night are doing fencing tonight and vica versa. Lots of laughter and smiles as I look around. (Mr Dwight)

Tuesday 4th June - 20.44 (French time) Children enjoying evening activites of archery and fencing after a meal including chicken and cous-cous. Not so much bread comsumed this evening meaning that Anglo-French relations remain intact.
Tuesday 4th June - 17.30 (French time) Returning from battfields. A really good day with children taking a keen interest and displaying a great deal of battlefield etiquette. Well done Year 6.  
Tuesday 4th June - 07.00 (French time) Morning - everyone awake after a good night's sleep. Children are currently getting ready for a busy day at the WWI battlefield sites.

Monday 3rd June - 23:07 (French time) All asleep very quickly after lights out at half past 10. All that sea air and an early morning has meant that children and staff need some rest. Goodnight.
Monday 3rd June - 20:44 (French time) Into the evening activities having had our four course tea. Tomatoes, chicken, cheese and ice cream. Everybody ate well including several rounds of bread. 
Monday 3rd June - 18:45 (French time) Group bonding games for Robertswood group that has been subdivided into groups before we have tea at 19.30 (French time) each evening.
Monday 3rd June - 17:27 (French time) Arrived at the stunning Chateau in Criel-sur-Mer. Fantastic journey down from Naucisca.
Monday 3rd June - 14.33 (French time) Having lunch outside Nausica next to the sandy beach.
Monday 3rd June - 10.31 (English time) Ferry has pushed off from Dover. Sea is very calm. Had one comment from a member of the public to say that we look like a school of builders as we are wearing high visibility jackets.