France 2015

Friday 17.44 (English time) Arrived back at Robertswood.

Friday 17.12 (English time) Two hours to get to Egham beacasue of a 50 minute delay getting across Walton bridge.

Friday 15.11 (English time) Having to leave the M25 and go across county because of traffic.

Friday 13.44 (French time) We are in the tunnel so arriving in England at 1.30 English time.

Friday 10.00 (French time) We are at Eu market spending our money. Look out for those presents later. Very warm. Leaving in 30 minutes for the long journey home. Expected back about 6 o'clock. Will text later with actual time.

Thursday 22.46 (French time) In bed after a really good evening and a second shower of the day. A record breaking 89% of children tried a snail or the leg of a frog at tea. And 100% participated enthusiastically at the 'daylight' disco' (we're an hour ahead so it gets dark at 10.30 in France). Night night. See you tomorrow.

Thursday 18.44 (French time) Back in dorms after another good day in France. Getting ready for the disco now. Much excitement. Good to be inside in a cool chateau after the heat of the day. 'Local visits' meant that we could keep out of the sun. I'm pleased to report that no bottles of cider vinegar were purchased as presents from the cider farm.

Thursday 13.30 (French time) Dieppe was warm. Crepes with the most interesting of fillings were ordered and didn't spoil lunch on the beach. Quick drop of bags now before walking up the road to the beautiful surroundings of the cider farm. Unfortunately, one room has now created a record of negative points for forgetting hats, bags and high via jackets. In other news, the most interesting purchase award goes to an item from the WWI museum of a ... shot glass. Surely not for a parent of Robertswood.

Thursday 10.00 (French time) We are finding out about the significance of Dieppe in WWII. Then, another 10 euros from the bank of Richings to purchase crepes before having lunch on the beach.

Thursday 07.22 (French time) Struggling to get up this morning. Slightly later breakfast because of local visits. It's Dieppe (or dippy according to a child who will remain nameless).


Wednesday 10.00 (French time) Lights out earlier today as it has been a long day in the sun. A meat feast for tea with couscous. Shortened activities because children were flagging. 

Wednesday 17.45 (French time) The group have enjoyed an interesting and emotional day in the battlefields. They have been a credit to parents and the school with their attentiveness and range of questioning. The children are tired but happy.

Wednesday 08.45 (French time) On our way to WWI museum in Albert. Another hearty breakfast of cereal and obligatory baskets of bread. More efficient lunch preparation allowed for a prompt departure.

Wednesday 07.00 (French time) Good sleeping from everyone. A little longer as we went to bed earlier last night. Room inspections now before breakfast at half past.


Tuesday 22.45 (French time) Lights out at a quarter past 10 and now all asleep. Good night.

Tuesday 21.15 (French time) Just finished evening activity of mini Olympics or archery. Tea consisted of fish as the main course with some rice. Showering now before early start and the battlefields tomorrow. The children are having a great time.

Tuesday 16.00 (French time) Heading back to the chateau after a very informative day in Rouen. Looking forward to free time and a few more sweets. Should be back by 6 and tea is at half 7.

Tuesday 14.30 (French time) Turns out that 10 euros doesn't go a long way when buying sweets by weight. All good though, lots of happy children.

Tuesday 12.00 (French time) In the cathedral learning about its history and architecture. Joan of Arc features quite highly but it's not looking good for her.

Tuesday 09.40 (French time) On the way to Rouen. We made our own lunch - buttering bread presented problems but we worked around it. Tuna, ham or cheese fillings and crisps. Sun tan lotion applied and high via at the ready for a great day.

Tuesday 07.00 (French time) Up and showering on a sunny day. Breakfast at 8 before driving to the beautiful city of Rouen. Everybody slept well overnight.


Monday 23.15 (French time) All asleep. Good night.

Monday 22.45 (French time) Lights out after a busy day. Tea consisted of pizza, chicken and pasta and a chocolate eclair. The evening activity ended up with the group settling into their rooms with a bit of free time.

Monday 19.40 (French time) Finally arrived and eating pizza. Going to settle into dorms after tea instead of evening activity.

Monday 17.30 (French time) Last leg of the journey after brief visit to the aquarium. Well worth another visit. Should be at the chateau by 19.00.

Monday 16.45 (French time) We are in France.

Monday 13.21 just boarding train for crossing in the tunnel. All departures delayed by an hour. 1st DVD is going down well.

Monday 10.10 enjoying a snack at Maidstone services after a fantastic run from school. M25 was a dream for a Monday morning.