France 2016

5.33p.m. (English time)  France 2016 arrived back at Robertswood. Over and out. 

More like 5.30!

Friday – 17.00 (English time) Flying round the top of the M25 just passed junction for M1. Expected at school from 5:45 onwards. Gates will be open to the playground from 5.30. Passports will be put into day bags for easy distribution. 

Friday - 16.10 (English time) We've just come out of the Dartford tunnel. We're going around the top of the M25. 

Friday - 14.20 (ENGLISH TIME) We're back in England. Just trying to find some diesel and having a toilet stop. 

Friday – 14.15 (French time) In lane ‘M’ (again – see Monday 08.55) eating lunch ready for a train - any train will do. It’s looking like a 6.30p.m. arrival as traffic is already building at the A3.

Friday – 12.00 (French time) Well on the way back to the tunnel having left Eu market. The man selling the trendy hats did a roaring trade. There’s even a hat that has flashing lights – hope they’re still flashing over the next couple of days at least. 

Friday – 08.25 (French time) Breakfast eaten, packed and we’re off to Eu market to buy some lovely presents. Please use the website for updates as we will be doing battle with the M25 on a Friday night later. 


Thursday – 23.15 (French time) Robertswood did us proud on the dance floor this evening with some really amazing moves. All in bed now. Ready for the journey home tomorrow. Good night. 

Thursday – 20.30 (French time) Snail day came and went with a mixture of reactions. There were additional courses on the menu so children didn’t go hungry. The ice cream went down well.

Thursday – 17.30 (French time) Another good day so far and we managed lunch on the beach in Dieppe (as it had stopped raining). Now getting ready for the disco.

Thursday – 09.30 (French time) Breakfast eaten - finally a croissant! Lunches made and off to the cider farm now before Dieppe.

Thursday – 08.00 (French time) All a bit tired this morning with room inspections in progress. Despite the WW2 history associated with Dieppe and a chance to buy more crêpes in French, it's all about the disco later on today. 


Wednesday - 23.00 (French time) All quiet here. A really good day all round today - lots of fun and more than a few giggles. Nice long sleep ahead for all as it's a later breakfast too, allowing batteries to re-charge for Dieppe and the local visits. Night night.

Wednesday - 21.00 (French time) Dinner update - salad and cheese to start, sausages, meatballs, chicken drumsticks and couscous, followed by apple tart. Currently enjoying mini Olympics in the evening sunshine.

Wednesday - 16.15 (French time) We've had a delightful day in Rouen visiting the beautiful cathedral and learning about the local history and culture. A bit wet though but it didn't dampen our spirits. Lots of crepes ordered in FRENCH. Good effort Robertswood.  Heading back home for tea.

Image result for rouen

Rouen is the capital city of Normandy

Wednesday - 10.40 (French time) Approaching Rouen under a vast sky filled with very impressive clouds of every shade from fluffy white, through purples and greys to the deepest thunderous black - I think we might be needing those waterproof coats today...

Wednesday -  07.55 (French time) Another good night had by all. Just going into breakfast to have choice of cereals, chocolate milk and some more bread before our trip to beautiful city Rouen.

Tuesday - 22.49 (French time) All quiet on the Robertswood front. All asleep. Good night. 

Tuesday - 20.48 (French time)  The different groups are fencing or involved in a scrap heap challenge. A great deal of late excitement finish off a really good day. Food update – Tea. Day 2. Tomato and sweetcorn salad, fish with rice and ratatouille, then delicious birthday cake for Gemma – very much enjoyed by all. 

Tuesday - 14.55 (French time) Just on our way to the final destination of Thiepval. A stunning memorial to the fallen from both sides in the war. The children are learning a great deal and are very respectful to all the history and destinations on the tour. They were very impressed by the Lochranger crater (see below) which is surrounded by fields of poppies at this time of year.

Image result for lochnagar crater

Locharanger measures 300ft in diameter and is 70 ft deep.

Tuesday - 10.40 (French time) Just entering the town of Albert which is the site of a very good WW1 museum. We have spied our first patch of blue sky. In other news - we had to MAKE our own packed lunch - a little bit slow but speed should improve over the week.

Tuesday - 07.55 (French time) Tucking into breakfast after a good night's sleep. Ready for the battlefields under grey skies.


Monday - 23:00 (French time) In bed after a long day. Just waiting for last couple of dorms to go to sleep.

Monday - 19:13 (French time) We have arrived. Found our rooms and dumped our bags so that we can go into dinner. 

Monday - 17:05 (French time) Nausicaa ticked off successfully (though a little bit of a high speed visit) and now en route to the Chateau watching more fish (Finding Nemo). All still surviving and smiling though it feels a bit like we've been gone a week already... Should arrive at 7 o'clock.

Monday - 15:00 (French time) We're in France after the ferry crossing. We're off to Nausicaa to look at some fish.

Monday - 08:55 (English time) Waiting in lane 'M' to board the ferry. Everybody in good spirits despite the early start. Nobody fell asleep en route to the ferry. 

Monday - 06:10 (English time) We're on our way. Next stop the M25 all the way to the ferry.