France 2017



Friday 4.25 Year 6 arrive back at Robertswood. 


Friday 2.50 Just left Cobham services but stuck in traffic. Looking at arriving between 4.15 and 4.45. Passports, EHIC cards and any medication will be in the day bag. More exact time to follow in the next half an hour.


Friday 1.00 Year 6 are back in England Off to the M25 - looking at about 3 hours.


Friday 6.30* We are up packing the last few bits in suitcases. Lunch at 7.00 before Going  the market at EU. Lunch on Calais before getting on the M25 with a view of being back by 5 PM outside the front of the school. Please look at the website updates.


Thursday 10.30* So the lights are turned out on the last day of the tour. It's been a very pleasant week with some of Robertswood's finest. Night night and see you tomorrow. Oh, and 2 hours was plenty for the girls and boys.


Thursday 5.20* "2 hours should be enough to get ready for the disco Mr Richings". We shall see but they also have to pack and tidy rooms in that time and fit in some tea. 


Thursday 1.00* On our way back from Dieppe having had lunch on the beach and had another chance to shop.


Thursday 8.30* And we're off again. Local visits to Dieppe including the use of another €10, A picnic on the beach (which will serve well today as another birthday party). Finally, a visit to a cider farm after lunch and lengthy preparations for the daylight disco.


Wednesday 11.00* Lights out after a lovely walk to the beach after dinner. Quick shower to wash off the heat of the day and into bed. Good night.


Wednesday 7.00* The children have been brilliant today on the battlefields without shade in temperatures touching the early 30s. They were very respectful and acquitted themselves really well - credit to the school and parents alike. Thank you parents. Just back from a 2 hour coach trip (traditionally the longest of the week) and straight into dinner of chicken breast, couscous and birthday cake.


Wednesday 2.00* We have moved onto Lochnagar crater and had a lovely picnic next to Beaumont-Hamel where WWI trenches have been preserved to this day by Canada as a  memorial to so many that died at the start of the Battle of the Somme. 


Wednesday 9.00* It's a warm one  today with temperatures already into the mid 20s already as we make our way to the  WWI museum in Albert. A bit tired this morning but all still in very good spirits.


Wednesday 7.00* Another good night of sleeping. We had to wake many children up that this morning from their slumber. A lovely rendition of happy birthday helped wake some of the girls up on the top floor.


Tuesday 10.30* All asleep after another good day culminating in a filling tea of rice, ratatouille and fish; finished off with cheese and chocolate pudding. Night night.


Tuesday 5.30* We are into evening activities of fencing and archery before tea at 7.15 French time. Then, we will swap the groups round after tea - Normandy has called upon the emergencies reserves of bread to help feed us at teatime so we shouldn't be hungry this evening.


Tuesday 3.00* Joan of Arc is a significant member of Rouen's history. The children have listened well asked some good questions. They have also purchased sweets which we are taking home to eat. And it's warm.


Tuesday 9.00* On the road to Rouen. Sun cream applied and lunches made.


Tuesday 6.45* We're up after a great night of sleeping. Off to Rouen after room inspections and breakfast.


Monday 22.25* In bed and asleep after a fantastic day. Well done team Robertswood. Good night.


Monday 20.30* Oh dear. We have eaten our bread ration for the week at tea. Other courses included pizza, chicken and vegetables, cheese and a chocolate eclair.  Currently, enjoying an evening activity in front to the Château in lovely evening sunshine. 


Monday 17.05* We are here. Currently having a tour of the site in the sunshine.


Monday 15.07* Nausicaa was great - lots of photo opportunities. 


Monday 11.55* We're in France. Off to Nausicca.


Monday 9.50 Boarding now for a 10.06 departure.


Monday 8.39 Just pulling in to check in for the tunnel. Croissants went down well at Clacket Lane services.


Monday 6.21 We're on the road. M25 running well.


* French time