IoW 2012

IOW 2012 arrived back at 6.03 p.m.

Slight delay at Handy Cross roundabout - lokking like 6pm, again

IOW due back at 5.37pm at the front of the school


Friday – 15.31 In Portsmouth – still looking at 6pm return.

Friday – 14.31 On the ferry and it’s moving!

Friday – 14.00 Queuing for the ferry.

Friday – 11.35 Just started the last activity of the morning including zip wire. Breakfast has kept to the pork-based theme for the majority of bacon, sausage, beans and toast plus all the other alternatives. Lunch at 12.15, then we’re off.  

Friday – 08.18 All in good spirits. Slept well. All packed, ready for the final activities and home.


Thursday – 19.30 All in pyjamas ready for movie night. Very excited. Tea was a roast. One more sleep and we’ll see you all tomorrow.

Thursday – 14.51 Day is going well. Sun still shining. Lunch was sausage roll, jacket potato, beans and fried potatoes.

Thursday – 09.00 Children enjoyed a slight lie-in this morning and are in good spirits. Today’s activities include ‘challenges’ and indoor activities.



Wednesday – 21.30 All in bed after a successful ‘mini’ Olympics which was played in good spirit. Good fun.

Wednesday – 19.15 Tea – Lasagne. That’s good because we are off to ‘mini’ Olympics at 8pm. Mrs Chapman is here after dropping everything to join us. Thank you Mrs C.

Wednesday – 15.45 In the middle of final activities before tea including fencing and climbing. Hope all is alright at school.

Wednesday – 14.30 Wow. Burger and chips for lunch before going out into the afternoon sunshine. Nightline – blindfolded follow-my-leader but it least it was dry. Caving. At least it was dry.

Wednesday – 13.00 Good afternoon. Busy morning Lazer questing and problem solving after breakfast including bacon and toast as well as fruit and cereal.



Tuesday – 21.54 Disco was very good. Children have been really good tonight and through the day. A real credit to parents and the school. All in bed and nearly all asleep after all the sea air. Thinking of school and the OFSTED inspection tomorrow. Good luck all. 

Tuesday – 19.00 A lovely afternoon spent on the beach for ‘alien survivor’. Back in the canteen now eating again ready for the evening activity. The disco.  

Tuesday – 14.00 Hot lunch after morning activities. Lovely weather and great surroundings. Children doing well with challenging activities such as abseiling.

Tuesday – 08.35 On the way to breakfast in 5 minutes. A good night’s sleep had by all and promising room inspections held this morning. Looking forward to abseiling and climbing as the highlights of the day.


Monday – 22.45 All asleep. Good night.

Monday – 21.45 All in bed and most are asleep after a busy and long day. We have a breakfast time of 08.00 so not so early in the morning.

Monday – 19.45 Starting out on ‘trail of mystery’ for this evening’s activity. Tea was good and everybody ate well. Plenty of clean plates.

Monday – 17.20 In the middle of the first activity for all having made our beds. ‘Flashdance’ (creating music for the animation that will be created later in the week.) Tea time is at 6.40pm precisely, followed by an evening activity.  

Monday – 15.00 We have arrived, greeted by most of the staff who helped unload the coach. We are now moving into our dorms and making our own beds. Then, we have an afternoon activity before tea.

Monday - 12.25 We’re queuing for the ferry having had lunch.

Monday - 09.35 Year 5 depart.

Monday - 06.00 Today is the day that Year 5 embark on their trip to the Isle of Wight. See you later for what is going to be a brilliant week.