IoW 2013


Year 5 returned at 18.48 having hit heavy traffic at Reading attempting to join the M4.

Well done Year 5 on a great week. Much enjoyment was had by all, children and adults alike. You can be proud of yourselves. Have a good rest and we'll see you all again on Monday.

Friday - 10.00 The final two activities are in full swing on a glorious day in Bembridge. Climbing is the highlight of these before a lunch at 12 p.m. Ferry arrives at Southsea at 3.30 p.m. giving us a good amount of time to get back to Robertswood.

Friday - 07.05 Up a bit earlier today so that children can pack and tidy rooms, A couple of activities followed by lunch at 12.00 and then home. Still looking at a 6 p.m. arrival at Robertswood outside the front of the school.


Thursday - 21.55 Lights out. See you tomorrow.

Thursday - 21.00 The disco was brilliant. Typical Robertswood enthusiasm. There were several victories against another school in half a dozen or so 'dance-offs'. We're finishing the trip with hot chocolate or a soft drink in the dining room.

Thursday - 19.30 Just finishing tea and the atmosphere is electric as the children are in a party mood. The disco outfits look stunning.

Thursday - 16.17 Turned wet and wild on the island. Luckily, mostly undercover after lunch this afternoon. Lunch consisted of fish and chips or a hot dog. One more session before we prepare for the disco.

Thursday - 10.30 Half way through the first activity. A couple of groups are helping centre staff with their enquiries... (It's one of the activities). Another group are getting very dirty on Nightline and the last are abseiling - which turns out doesn't have any connection with the sea.

Thursday - 08.30 A couple of games before breakfast. Another round of toast, a return of bacon, tomatoes and / or the usual selection of accompanying cereals. Slow service today with staff away but a least it comes with a smile. In other news, the lost property box has been found.

Thursday - 07.15 Good morning. It's a lovely start to the day here but not quite the weather for shorts. Washing hair this morning in great anticipation for the disco later.


Wednesday - 22.02 All asleep. Night Night.

Wednesday - 21.00 Return from evening activity to get ready for bed. No need for showers as children have been doing this as part of the morning routine. 1/2 an hour in rooms reading or talking.

Wednesday - 19.40 Mini Olympics. A range of games and activities suitable for the sports hall at the end of a bright afternoon. Tea consisted of chicken wraps, pasta, potatoes sponge with custard.

Wednesday - 14.44 Afternoon activities, some in the sunshine. Nightline remains the messiest activity because of yesterday's and overnight rain - the welly boots have come in handy. Although, don't lose any items as the big news from the site is that the 'lost property' box has been lost. In the meantime, the children are all really well and are a credit to parents and the school when it comes to their enthusiam and attitude to the various activities.

Wednesday - 13.45 Lunch. Day 3. Burger and chips, and something green. Although, today the popular choice has been yellow, in the form of sweetcorn. Pears are featuring strongly as a fruit of choice for this goup.

Wednesday - 10.10 Groups well into their first activity. A big day ahead as all groups complete the zip-wire cycle and attempt to touch the tyre at the end that contains a fifty pound note (wink wink).

Wednesday - 09.20 We eventually got up at 07.15. Several children had to be woken up. Much improved scores when it came to room inspections averaging 7.25 today. Children ate well at breakfast - sausages, beans, toast, waffles, bread. There was even a couple of bowls of shredded wheat being consumed without milk. Imagine that?

Wednesday - 06.55 All asleep. They have twenty minutes. It looks like we will have to wake Year 5 up today ready for breakfast.


Tuesday - 22.27 All asleep. Good night.

Tuesday - 21.45 Off to bed with lights out at 22.05 and we only need to brush our teeth.

Tuesday - 20.05 Film night. Currently watching a film after tea in pyjamas with pillows. Roast dinner for supper and more success with vegetables - carrots being very popular this year.

Tuesday - 16.41 Just back from the beach. It did rain and stop after half and hour so we're only damp. The weather didn't dampen the enthusiasm for exploring the rock pools. Changing into dry clothes for the final afternoon activity which includes zip-wire for one of the groups.

Tuesday - 11.11 Into second activity of animation or life skills with some groups already having completed their first animation session and one group on the go-karts. Lots of lessons being learned such as 'smooth is fast' when it comes to go-karting. Breakfast consisted of bacon and beans on toasts as well as cereal and fruit. Rain holding off.

Tuesday - 07.00 We're up after a peaceful night's sleep. Showering and teeth cleaning. Room inspections in an hour and then breakfast. Cloudy here and rain coming through in an hour. Hopefully, drier for the afternoon on the beach for coastal erosion study.


Monday - 22.45 All asleep. Night night.

Monday - 21.19 Getting ready for bed. Lights out at 21.45. Up at 07.30 in the morning. All in good spirits and ready for some good sleep overnight. A successful first day.

Monday - 19.45 Evening activity. Scrapheap challenge. Good teamwork from the four different groups to construct a rocket.

Monday - 18.50 Tea. Fish and chips or lasagne. Ice cream. Everybody helped themselves to reasonable portions and everybody had something green.

Monday - 17.07 We're in our four groups and ready to do the first activity before tea - nightline, aeroball or team challenge.

Monday - 15.07 Arrive at Kingswood. Getting luggage off the coach and taking a tour of the site.

Monday - 13.25 Waiting for the ferry having had lunch in Southsea. The sun is shining and it is a bit windy but the Solent looks reasonably calm.

Monday - 09.06 IoW 2013 departs.

Monday - 08.30 Doors are open for bags to go into the hall.

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