IoW 2014


Friday - Arrived back at Robertswood at 19.41.

Friday – 11.03 Into the final activity of circus games, archery and abseiling. Sun just about poking through and children remain in good spirits despite being very tired. Year 5 have been a real credit to the school with teachers from other schools pointing out specific children for praise in our party. Parents should feel proud of the contributions from their loved ones over this week. See you all later. 

Friday - 06.35 Up. Final packing of last night’s disco clothes. Moving cases down to the coach area and making beds. Final room inspections and breakfast before two activities and lunch.


Thursday – 21.32 Lights out. 

Thursday – 21.10 The disco was epic. Mostly spent outside under floodlight in the mild autumn evening. We are now packing and getting ready for bed. Early indications are for a 7 p.m. return tomorrow as our ferry crossing docks in Southsea at 3.30p.m. A text will be sent when we are on the mainland and we will park outside the front of the school.  

Thursday – 12.54 Lunch of rice or pasta and meatballs before afternoon activities in watery sunshine. Archery and abseiling for many groups this afternoon. 

Thursday – 10.17 Massive changes of plan as activities are postponed as a result of flash flooding. Drying off in the sports hall for the moment.  

Thursday – 06.44 Last full day of activities including climbing and caving. The thoughts are dominated, however, not by the Scottish referendum but the DISCO tonight. But first, the promise of croissant for breakfast is encouraging tired limbs out of bed. 


Wednesday – 21.51 Lights out. Night night. 

Wednesday – 20.15 Movie night. Currently enjoying Lego movie in the ‘cinema’. It’s difficult to see who has fallen asleep after another busy day.

Wednesday – 18.05 Free time enabled the eagerly anticipated Portsmouth XI v Robertswood XI. Two Robertswood teams lost by two goals to one. For some, this has been the highlight of the week. A re-match is promised tomorrow. Off to the final activity for now.  

Wednesday – 12.51 Beach study delayed because of a high tide which means they will get the best of the day. Sun cream and hats at the ready. Meanwhile, half of the group are in the woods cooking bread and carrying out a bug hunt (just in case you are ever stranded in the jungle and need to know what you can eat). Lunch continues to offer good sustenance and children are choosing ‘greens’ without being reminded. 

Wednesday - 06.45 Good morning. Lots of sleepy children who had to be woken up. Preparing for breakfast and the activities for the day including a visit to the beach and a study of habitats, and bush craft sessions in the afternoon.


Tuesday - 21.42 All asleep. See you in the morning.

Tuesday – 21.16 Back in dorms getting ready for bed. Some enforced showering for some individuals being put into action after a long hot day and having not had a shower on day 1. Mini Olympics cut short as children were asking whether they could go to bed.  

Tuesday – 18.08 Mini Olympics about to start as the evening activity. The children have had a really good day in some glorious conditions. Tea has provided an opportunity to eat more carbohydrates which will be useful for the Olympics. 

Tuesday – 12.48 A little free time after lunch having had go-karts, created own ‘worlds’ in mission maker and a few more zip wires. Children eating and drinking well. Three more activities this afternoon. 

Tuesday – 08.12 Back in dorms preparing for the day and room inspection. Breakfast included bacon and scrambled egg. Mission maker is the highlight of the day for all the four different groups. 

Tuesday – 06.32 Up at 06.30 for breakfast at 07.20. Everybody slept well and are ready for a busy day. But first, room inspections and then breakfast.  


Monday – 21.55 All asleep before ten o’clock which is a record for any Robertswood residential. Night night. 

Monday - 21.16 Showering before reading or card playing or checking memory on cameras in bed before lights out in half an hour. 

Monday - 19.45 Into the final activity. Whole group are doing a scrap heap challenge. Making the best robot with limited resources. All very excited. 

Monday - 17.45 A bit of free time after tea. Fish and chips on day one! Wow. Lasagne alternative wasn't popular. Everybody had something 'green' or salad. Well done Robertwood.  

Monday - 16.55 Room inspections completed. Just on our way to tea before activities of nightline and zip wire in the early evening sunshine.

Monday - 13.47 Arrived at Kingswood after a good run from school. Children busy making their beds before the first activity.