IoW 2015





19.06 - IoW 2015 arrive at school.

19.04 - Denham Lane.

18.58 - Tesco in GX.

18.50 - Beaconsfield services. Medicines in day bags for those children that needed it.

18.35 - Slough, Farnham Road.

18.15 - Very busy around M3 so only just leaving Bracknell on M4. 35 mins away?

16.40 - Come off A3 at Guildford. Heading cross county to M4 at Bracknell.

15.45 - Back on the mainland.

Friday - 14.40 Getting onto the ferry.

Friday – 12.50 And we're off

The scores are in. 

Overall, the girls narrowly beat the boys by 190 points to 179.9

Overall  winners, with a score of 52 points - room 103 (Lily, Maisie, Hettie, Hannah and Izzy).

Overall boys, room 005 scoring 49.5 (Archie, Jesse, Kane, Ethan R and Oliver).


Friday – 09.30 Rooms cleared and vacated just in time for the cleaners to arrive. Children just starting on the first of two activities including indoor climbing. Just totalling up the scores from the week to include room inspection points and additional awards for positive contributions over the week such as determined dancing. 

Friday – 07.00 Up slightly earlier on our last day in order to pack and strip beds ready for the off at 12.30. A couple of activities this morning before a packed lunch and departure at 12.30. See you all later. Please use the website for updates over the final arrival time.

Thursday - 21.35 Well done year 5. Some fantastic dancing without a break for 45 minutes; another record set by this group. In bed, now and lights out. We can all sleep safe in the knowledge that Robertswood's reputation on the dance floor won't be surpassed - well for this week at any rate.

Thursday – 19.20 Preparations for disco in full swing with a little bit of early packing as well. Tea provided a lovely chicken pie and the option of, wait for it…  they've only gone and given us more sausages. Sweet corn accompanied most plates of food and the meal was completed by a doughnut.

Thursday – 15.25 Coming to the end of the first activities after lunch. Groups involved in orienteering and team challenge sessions. Glorious weather and fantastic views of the Solent. Hopefully, there are some sausages left on the mainland as lunch included another round of sausages in the form of a hotpot. Other options included rice and meatballs and the obligatory potato. Children are now visiting the salad bar unprompted and groups are getting really good at tidying up after themselves at meal times. Hopefully, parents will see evidence of helpful and tidy children at home when they return tomorrow. 

Thursday – 09.30 First activity of the day in glorious sunshine. Might even need to have to put some suntan lotion on later. More sausages for breakfast this morning along with hash browns and tomatoes supplemented by cereal and toast. Fruit intake remains good. 

Thursday - 07.35. Morning. We're up. More good sleeping - a good 9 hour shift but not for the tooth fairy who had to visit four times in the night  and pay Isle of Wight rates. She wasn't interested in the teeth left under the pillows. 

Wednesday - 22.00 Slighty later with lights out because of the film. All in bed and nearly all asleep.

Wednesday – 20.25 Children enjoying movie night in the warmth of the theatre after tea. It's been a long day and the children have done really well at having to move around quickly through rain and changing clothes at regular intervals.  A timely meal of roast chicken or roast beef, roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding greeted us this evening at the end of a wet and cold day. The crab, incidentally, is now being talked about as being the biggest ever caught on the Kingswood estate. 

Wednesday – 15.00 Raining now but groups are doing so well.  They are a real credit to Robertswood and parents. Thank you. Afternoon activities includes one of the big five of the week-  ZIP WIRE. Other activities are inside - archery and volleyball. Lunch was very welcome today - pasty, pizza, potatoes and plenty more salad.  

Wednesday – 11.30 First rain shower of the week has only dampened spirits slightly. The beach group took it hardest but they did catch the biggest crab this year. Forest group are struggling to keep their fires going. 

Wednesday – 09.15 Groups swapping between bushcraft and beach work this morning. Another good breakfast had by all consisting of bacon, beans, mini hashbrowns, plenty of toast and quite a lot of cereal. Weather is still holding fair but cold in a north easterly breeze.

Wednesday – 07.30 Morning. We're up and showering on day three after another good night's sleep by all. Weather is holding and looks like could be a nice day with some showers.

Tuesday - 21.50 All asleep. Night night.

Tuesday - 21.25 Lights out on a great day. Earlier bedtime as children really tired after long day.

Tuesday - 19.45  Just about to go into mini Olympics. Another hearty tea consisting of turkey fajitas, chips and/or beef hot pot. When asked about adding a vegetable or salad option to their meal a Robertswood resident replied, "I have got chips".  More work on the science curriculum required on our return.

Tuesday – 15.25 Well into the afternoon activities involving abseiling and nightline. Lunch was tacos and spicy beef, potato wedges and a good selection of salad. Sun still shining.

Tuesday - 11.30 Mid way through the morning's activity and all is good in the world as the sun is out for groups on the beach and in the woods. Currently, making shelters in the woods and learning how to make bracelets using nettles.

Tuesday - 09.15 Waiting for first activity of bushcraft or alien survivor. Stopped raining. Breakfast was lovely - sausages, hash brown and beans. Plenty of cereal and toast.

Tuesday - 07.15 And we're up. Solid sleeping through the night. Actually feel refreshed. Breakfast in an hour.

Monday - 22.15 That's some kind of record. All asleep before 20.30. Must be the sea air. Night night.

Monday - 21.25 In bed reading or playing cards before lights out in 15 minutes. There are already some rooms that will   do well in room inspections tomorrow - well organised and tidy.

Monday - 20.00 Evening activity involving whole group together. Scrap heap challenge - designing robots. Tea consisted of curry, vegetable spring roll and vegetable omelette plus ice cream or mousse. Everybody had greens. Well done Robertswood.

Monday - 17.30  Rooms allocated, beds made, fire practice complete and four groups enjoying their first activity of the week - aeroball, caving, go-karting and archery.   Tea at 18.30 followed by the evening activity of scrapheap challenge.  Children very excited and all in good spirits. 

Monday - 16.00 Arrived at Kingswood. 

Monday - 15.15 On the IOW after a very windy crossing. Managing to avoid showers. Should be at the centre by 16.00.

Monday - 13.00 At the ferry terminal. 30 minute delay. DVD on ready for 14.30 departure.

Monday - 1155 Portsmouth. Looking for a lunch stop. We can see the sea. Sun still shining.

Monday - 10.35 Made good time to reach Winchester services. A quick biscuit and drink before heading to Portsmouth. The sun is out with rain around. A lot of hard fought top trumps games have been had so far on the coach.

Monday - 09.20 We're off. 46 excited children and 6 staff. Currently struggling to get onto the M25.


Monday 14th September 2014

  • Cases into the hall from 08.30 - You will need a day bag for journey down and return (mainly to carry packed lunch and a drink). Not nescessary for each day as all meals are in the canteen.
  • Depart 09.15
  • Winchester services 10.30
  • Lunch 11.30
  • Ferry departs at 14.00 (check in from 13.00)
  • Arrive at Kingswood, Bembridge at 15.15

Friday 18th September 2015

  • Ferry depart at 14.30pm
  • Back on the North island (mainland England) at 15.05
  • Winchester services 16.00
  • Return to school 18.00 - 18.30 (please check website for live updates)

How about?

  • top trumps / book
  • extra pillow for journey and stay
  • digital cameras (if not too precious) - plenty of batteries
  • no extra food such as snacks 
  • no need for phones to keep in contact as there is at least a five times a day blog
  • packing clothes for winter as well as late summer
  • wellington boots for nightline 
  • packing with the IOW resident so they know what is in the case - include the list so that they can use for re-packing at the end of the week.