IoW 2016

19.47 - You have reached your destination. IOW 2016 out.

Friday 17.00 - Just driving off the ferry in Southampton. We're looking to stop at a services which will take about half an hour so we are expecting to be back for 7.30p.m.

Friday 15.30 - Just boarding the ferry. In other news, the winners of the room inspection competition this week was room 2; Ben, Tim, Alfie, Daniel, Charlie and Jonny - they had top marks for two days running. 

Friday 13.30 - We have left Kingswood. We are on our way home. 

Friday 11.09 - Breakfast was sausages, beans and crispy potatoes. Just back from our walk up to Culver, dry but windy. Spent time watching the planes coming in to land as we were high up on the hill. Just starting our final activity: either orienteering or up to the monument at Culver.

Friday 07.30 - All up and nearly packed. What horrible day - dark and very wet. Must be time to come home. Just a couple of activites and then we will do just that. See you all later. Aiming for 6.30pm


Thursday 21:50 - The disco was fun with lots of dancing and smiling faces. Great to see the children all have fun together. Finished the night off with hot chocolate. Just waiting for the last few children to fall asleep.

Thursday 19:15 - Only half an hour to go. Excitement levels are on the rise. It's the DISCO people. 

Thursday 13:30 - It's very hot again, the sun is out although it doesn't look good for later. Lunch was a choice of fish and chips or vegetable meatballs. Just starting bushcraft and the others are doing go-karts or archery.  

Thursday 10:00 - A bit cooler this morning but dry. Breakfast was bacon, hash browns and tomatoes as well as cereal, yogurt, toast and fruit. All doing their first activities including Nightline and Archery. Today is all about the disco - hair appointments have already been made.

Thursday 07:20 - All awake after another good night of sleeping. Currently carrying out room inspections on the penultimate morning of our trip. Weather is set fair for today with breakfast in half an hour. 


Wednesday 22:05 - All asleep. Good night.

Wednesday 20:00 - Dinner was a roast with a choice of chicken, beef or lentil bake along with Yorkshire puds. This was to coincide with tonight's Bake Off episode apparently. It has been a scorcher but hasn't stopped the children enjoying themselves and trying new activities as well as challenging themselves. After final group tasks, we are all together for scrapheap challenge... they will be making costumes this year.

Wednesday 13:30 - What a sunny, hot day! One group went for a long walk just before lunch to see the amazing view - they could see Portsmouth -  what a beautiful sight. Lunch was pizza, chips and beef fried rice. Every child has had something from the salad counter every lunch and dinner. Just starting afternoon activities: fencing, 3D swing and two groups are doing bushcraft. All happy (and a little hot)! 
Wednesday 07:24 - Morning, everybody slept well, the sun is shining and the children are waking up for a day of activities including giant's swing, another group of fencing and bush-craft. 


Tuesday 22.25 - Children in bed. Tired so it's quieter than last night. Tonight they did an activity (leap of faith, team tech then it was showers then movie night on giant cushions followed by hot choc. Tea was vegetable pasta, giant hotdog, chicken tortillas and potato wedges. 

Tuesday 18.00 - Lovely afternoon on the beach catching fish and crabs. No records broken though. Just started evening activities including fencing followed by movie night.

Tuesday 13.00 - Lunch consisted of a choice of burgers; beef, vegetable or fish with some chips. Off to the beach after lunch to catch tea. It's warm (not as warm as you though only 24 here) and cloudy. Probably best for the beach. 

Tuesday 07.30 - We're up after a really good night of sleeping for a first night. Gathered in our lines waiting for breakfast - a bit of basketball has broken out whilst we wait. Breakfast is at 08.00. The smell of sausages is wafting across the playground. After breakfast, we have abseiling, climbing and the 'leap of faith' to look forward to.  


Monday 22:00 - Lights out. Good night.

Monday 20:05 - Telling jokes around the campfire. Harry: where do spiders play football? Webberly. Tea was at 5.30 so we have had two activities; volleyball and team tech. Now doing a Mexican laugh in campfire party games before bed at 21:00.

Monday 16:30 - Beds made, fire drill complete and having a tour of the site in lovely sunshine. 

Monday 15:40 - We have arrived safely and are now making our beds in preparation for a good nights sleep!

Monday 14.25 - Off the ferry and on the road to Kingswood, Bembridge. Should be there for 3.30p.m. 

Monday 14:00 - We're on the ferry crossing the Solent. Veary pleasant conditions for sailing, Hold on ...there's a sailing boat behind us and the skipper looks like Mr Richings - surely not. 

Monday 09:20 - We're off. 49 children and six adults. There is a great deal of anticipation as we head down the A413 towards the M25. Should be a good week - weather is set fair.