IoW 2017

Friday 17:30 Conditions on the M25 have improved. 6 o’clock is our final answer as we have just passed over the M4.
Friday 16.48 Just left final services on A3 before joining the M25. Looking like 6.15p.m. at the earliest.
Friday 15:08 Off the ferry and heading to be A3. 2.5 hours?
Friday 10:00 We’ve made it to our first activity of bottle rockets and obstacle course. It’s been a struggle to get here. Whilst everyone seems to be quite well rested it did take 2 ½ hours to get out of our rooms. We hope that everybody has brought everything home and there is only a couple of bits of lost property that will be left by the front of the coach when we return otherwise not much else was found in the rooms on the final sweep. It’s finally warmed up for us to take a couple of layers off – typical for moving day.
Friday 06:45 Last wake up and we’re packing.
Thursday 21:54 Lights out after movie night back in the church with cake and hot chocolate – now there’s something to tell the grand children. Some packing has taken place but we will start again in earnest in the morning. For the final time on this trip – night night. 
Thursday 18:45 Into the evening activities after our final supper (rice/noodles with sweet-and-sour pork or chicken leg). Activities including fire lighting in which we have been successful in making fire but not able to sustaining it earlier in the day. Finally, we will have movie night at which we can share some belated birthday cake before retiring to bed.    
Thursday 13:30 A bit if rain for afternoon activities but fire lighting seems to be in the driest place we look forward to seeing whether we can break our school duck for lighting a fire. Meanwhile, there are two volleyball matches and an outdoor climbing Group braving the elements. More bad news on the food front as we are waiting for a delivery of cucumber from the mainland so the children can continue with the green theme on their plates. We’re all a bit tired today but the children and adults remain in good spirits. Team Robertswood is a credit to their parents and the school.         
11:00 Orienteering and Nightline activities dominated the first round of activities this morning in mild conditions. Sad to say that the sausage supply has run out and we have resorted to consuming crispy bacon. It’s a hard life. 
Thursday 07:00 Day 4 in the Robertswood house. Another good night from everybody. Ready for first activities of Nightline and orienteering. We seem to be suffering from failed Brexit negotiations as it looks like we are in line to have a third consecutive day of tackling the European sausage mountain that has resulted  from our split with Europe. We like sausages.
Wednesday 22:00 Everybody asleep. Combination of sea air, a disco and hot chocolate. Night night.
Wednesday 20:00 Last minute venue change to the disco seemed to work well. We ended up in the church next to our accommodation. Great atmosphere. Banging tunes and some great outfits including a tuxedo – very smart.
Wednesday 17:30 Just back from the beach after a lovely afternoon looking in rock pools and creating complicated river systems between the shoreline and the sea. We also walked up to the Culver monument overlooking the Isle of Wight taking in some fantastic views of the islands and mainland ‘Britain’ – yes the Isle of Wight is very much part of England. Time for tea.
Wednesday 11.00 Even tastier sausages for breakfast this morning plus the usual accompaniments. The sun is just popping out as we enter into our second activity with two groups doing an obstacle course and another two groups solving problems. The most exciting news from this morning is that we are in charge of the Kingswood mascot have a very large squirrel – Nutty to his friends – not sure what outfit he is wearing to the disco.
Wednesday 7.00 We’re up for day 3. Another great night of sleeping from everybody ready for a lot of walking today with the highlight of the beach walk after lunch. Room inspections are currently being carried out with a close competition  and high standards. Morning to you all.         
Tuesday 22.00 Lights out and asleep. In other news, pudding wasn’t apple pie but shortbread instead 😢.
Tuesday 17:00 Lots of functional and aesthetically pleasing shelters made this afternoon. Ready for tea which includes apple crumble.  
Tuesday 11:00 Highlights of the first couple of activities before lunch have been shelter building and climbing the large tower. What a lovely day.
Tuesday 08.30 First breakfast and an early sighting of sausages and bacon followed by several bowls of cereal ready for the day ahead ahead. This year there is a nice gap between breakfast and the first activity which means we can return to the dorms and brush our teeth. Very civilised.
Tuesday 06:45 And we’re up. Inspections in full flow courtesy of Mr Cartledge and Mr Crayden. I can confirm that there were no issues from upstairs when it comes to the girls sleeping through the night. Well done team Robertswood. Weather is set fair and we are ready for breakfast in long sleeves and long trousers.           
Tuesday 05:30 Morning and we’ve slept through – certainly on the ground floor (boys). No issues during the night.
Monday 22:30 Lights out and 98% of children are asleep.
Monday 19.45 Evening activities after tea (Cajun chicken, lasagne or vegetarian lasagne and the obligatory visit to the salad bar).
Monday 17:00 Currently enjoying some free time collecting conkers, playing cricket and football before tea at 17:50. Then, we have an activity for an hour followed by a night activity. Children have settled into rooms well and had a fire practice and are looking forward to the rest of the week. Children split into four day groups L, M, N and O and the first activity will be aeroball, fencing or abseiling.
Monday 14:40 We have arrived.
Monday 14:00 And we’re on ‘the island’.
Monday 12:48 Waiting to board the ferry after a very pleasant lunch in the mild sunshine. The Solent looks very smooth and the Isle of Wight looks a picture.
Monday 11:00 Just left Winchester services having had a snack and a comfort stop. On our way to Southsea to have some lunch overlooking the Solent ready for the ferry at 1 o’clock. 
Monday 9:15 We’re off with 51 excited children and 7 excited staff.