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Lots of fun at the fun day. Not even the rain dampened the quality of the football across all the age groups. The school field looked great with pitches suitable for Premier League football. Thanks for a great day Robertswood Rangers - on and off the pitch.


Egyptian day - Year 3 - Wednesday 7th February 2018

We had an excellent day travelling back to ancient Egypt on Wednesday. We learnt a lot about Egyptian crafts and daily life during the reign of Pharoah Akhenaten (who no one really liked!) In the afternoon, we experienced an authentic Egyptian feast, complete with royal food tasting.



This term we are starting a times table challenge across the school called ‘The Robertswood 99 Club.’ The aim of this club is to improve the children’s instant recall of both times tables as well as number bonds. We strongly believe that having instant recall of times table facts supports children’s fluency in Maths, which helps with a range of Mathematical concepts, for example finding area and volume, finding averages, ratio and proportion.

The National Curriculum states that every child should have instant recall of their times table facts, up to 12 x 12 by the end of Year 4 and the government plans to bring in a statutory times table test into Key Stage 2 from 2019.  

A breakdown of the different levels is on the next sheet.

How the 99 Club works:

Every child from Year One to Year Six will take part in this weekly challenge and the children will have 10 minutes to complete their task. The children will progress through the clubs as they become more confident with their times tables facts. Once the children have completed the 99 Club, there are additional challenges which require the children to work at a faster pace. These challenges consist of 100 questions. The children have to correctly answer all of the questions on their club sheet before they can move on.

When the children have successfully completed a club, they will be awarded a certificate and their name will be displayed on the school’s 99 Club display board. Respect tokens will also be awarded in recognition of the children’s effort and determination.

In addition, badges will be awarded when children have completed the 44 Club (which requires the children to know their 2, 5 and 10 times tables – the requirement for the end of Key Stage One) and the 99 Club (covering all times tables from 1 – 12 – the requirement for the end of Year 4).         


An overview of the clubs:

11 Club

11 questions practising number bonds to 10

22 Club

22 questions practising number bonds to 20

33 Club

33 questions practising number bonds and the 2 and 5 times tables

44 Club

44 questions practising number bonds and the 2, 5 and 10 times tables

55 Club

55 questions practising the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables

66 Club

66 questions practising the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10 times tables

77 Club

77 questions practising the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 times tables

88 Club

88 questions practising times tables from 1 – 12

99 Club

99 questions practising multiplication and division facts up to 12x12

Bronze Club

The children have 5 minutes to complete 100 multiplication and division questions

Silver Club

The children have 4 minutes to complete 100 multiplication and division questions

Gold Club

The children have 3 minutes to complete 100 multiplication and division questions.

Special Robertswood Award

The children will answer a range of challenging problems using the four operations. (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)

How to support your child with this at home:

There are a wide range of websites and games online to support your child with their development and understanding of times tables. Please refer to the links below. We will continue to practise times tables during daily Maths lessons.

Hit the Button – allows you to practise number bonds as well as multiplication and division facts

Completing number bonds and times tables within a set time limit


Completing multiplication questions on a times table grid


Focusing on individual times tables

You will find plenty of other games at and

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Mrs Allen and Miss Harrison (JANUARY 2018)




The School Council made fun official at Robertswood on the penultimate day of term. 

Jingle Bell Fun was an idea conceived by the School Council as a way of tapping into fun and asking children to bring in games to play with different year groups. They hoped to raise money for new ‘wet-play toys’. Early indications point to a healthy total being reached with money still coming in. As well as fun, the sessions provided children the chance to experience new games in which they had to concentrate hard to listen to the explanations from fellow pupils and to be able to follow the rules.




Children and staff put in a fantastic effort to find all things spots to wear for this year's Children in Need theme. In exchange for a £1, children came in their mufti together with something spotty. The school council also helped raise money by selling CiN merchandise outside of school which was particularly helpful for children desperate for last minute ideas for their outfit. Well done Robertswood and thank you for the fantastic turnout. 



The PTA fun run returned to the fixture list of sporting events at Robertswood on Saturday 30th September. This year included a theme of colour to add to the spectacle. The main event of the 5km run attracted a good field of parents and children (existing and ex-Robertswood pupils) and was followed by some shorter races for children. Mr Aylott was first over the line in the 5km event. The first mum was Mrs Rishiraj with Archer Davies (14th overall in a time of 28:06) crossing the line as the first current Robertswood pupil. A special mention to Mrs Tennant who organised the whole event with the help of marshals and Robertswood Rangers who provided refreshments.

Top 10 finishers

1) Tim Aylott 19:09, Will Shepherd 19:13, Andrew Seymour 19:38, Jamie Nottage 19:54, Stuart Moore 21:34, Ben White 25:06, Louis Walsh 25:06, Finn Walsh 25:19, Sushil Rishiraj 26:00, George Blood 26:10.


Year 5 return from the Isle of Wight - September 2017


On Wednesday we had a disco after a night activity. Everyone was excited for it. We were all in our dorms  getting changed. I looked like I was going to a beach party, Cai looked like a kid from the 80s ("I said lose the jumper".) And don't forget Elliot in his tuxedo! When we were lining up outside the diner because it was in there, Amelia, Freya M and me was chatting. I said she looked like a French dancer and then she said I looked like Daniel Radcliffe. BTW is the person who plays Harry Potter in… Harry Potter. Then an instructor  came out of the diner, he said there was a technical problem. So we strode into the chapel instead.

All of Robertswood went in so did the other school. We all sat down on wooden benches. All of the girls looked at the boys and all of the boys looked and the girls. Then there was an awkward silence… Then some people started dancing and that set the disco alight. After a while, the other school started shouting at us to move and a boy came across the middle of doing a round-off back tuck and the other school started cheering! All of the class, well Jessie, Tilly, Dylan Jack and Josh were nagging me to do aerial. It went on for about 10 minutes. I HATED IT!! But in the end I decided to do it. I was really scared because it was slippery floor. Everyone was cheering my name… 3,2,1. I ran, jumped and did one. The whole school was cheering – YEEEEEEAAHHH.

by William



Children in Robertswood Nursery have been enjoying their upgraded surrounding as a result of the re-furbishments in the Summer holidays. A lot of work by Robertswood staff and families as well as contractors has help transform the Nursery environment. It means that children can enjoy 30 hours of child care in impressive surroundings.


A great deal of work has been carried out in school during the Summer holidays. However, a special mention of gratitude needs to be made to Tim Morgan who has given up his time to set the pebbles created during Art week in concrete. The children will be excited to see their creations preserved in the quiet zone for years to come. Thank you Mr Morgan.  



Saturday 13th May saw another good turnout of teams attending Robertswood Rangers' annual fun day. The weather was kind with only spots of rain during the tournament.  Attractions and refreshments around the pitches were busy through the day, although the ice cream van didn't fair very well. The day ended with the traditional awards for players from visiting teams that stood out during the day for the different age groups.


SATs 2017 - w/c 8th May 2017

Year 6 have come through an intensive week due the SATs testing that took place across the country. It provided a chance for the children to show case their understanding of the curriculum. Indeed, many of the children relished the opportunity to demonstrate their ability in reading, grammar and three mathematics papers. Well done year 6. Next, it's the turn of the remaining year groups, including Reception, to show us what they have learned.



The standard of costume was very high this year with a high proportion of homemade outfits on show. Winners (pictured above) went home with book tokens to enable them to purchase new books and potential ideas for next year's character. A special mention must be made to parents who helped with ideas and sourcing of material. Some parents took additional mornings off work to assist in costumes being ready for the big day - so thank you. For many of the children, the day provided opportunities to come across characters and book titles that hadn't been previously been read and so can now go on reading lists. Well done to all that participated so enthusiastically and to those who managed to stay in character all day.


Year 4 Go Roman

The first day back after half term saw a trip for Year 4 to Verulamium. The weather was kind enabling all the children to enjoy the full extent of the trip. A great deal of learning was taken away by the children and the highlight, as usual, was the gift shop.

20th February 2017



The two day week at the start of the Spring term was greeted by a special assembly on Friday 6th January that recognised Stars of the Day (and eighty-five minutes of the second day). It enabled staff to recognise the efforts and contributions of children on their first day back of the New Year in school. You can view who they were by following the link



Da Vinci secured a record breaking seventh Respect Token championship in a smallest winning margin ever recorded (5 tokens) on the final day of competiton (20.12.16). The combined total for the term was also broken with 26,678 Respect Tokens earned across the four houses. Winning housecaptaines were overwhlemed by the victory. For Matthew, the victory ranked as an early 'Christmas wish' whilst the win for Amber ticked off an item from her 'bucket list'. Ultimatley, congratulations needs to go to all the children across all the houses for their efforts of beating the previous combined record.

Proud housecaptains parade the trophy. 



On November 3, 2016 year 4 travelled to Ufton Court in autumnal weather. It was one hour and 15 minute journey. The children were so excited and were eager to get to Ufton Court. This trip was taking place because teachers from Robertswood School wanted to develop students friendships but mostly to have a great time. These children took part in lots of activities including firefighting, wobbling, making threats, grinding corn, role-play and a big feast. And this is where the recount begins…
In conclusion, this was the best trips. I would recommend this for a day trip. This final sentence is for year 3 – I do hope you go to Ufton because it is a great trip.
(An extract from ‘a trip to Ufton’ by Abby Dennis)




Over the past 4 weeks a team of 8 Robertswood netballers – Poppy Bridgen, Lily Hunt, Izzy Blackwell, Amber Sumner, Isabelle Tennant, Sophie Buckley, Rosie Holt and Savannah Aylott have been taking part in a High Five Netball League at Chalfont Community College. 11 GCSE P.E. students provided some expert coaching. Our team played 4 matches winning them all convincingly and scoring the maximum of 20 points which meant that they won the league.

Well done to all our players…a credit to Robertswood, showing great skill and teamwork. (14.10.16)




The new season of inter-house football kicked off on Wednesday 5th October with the blues and greens playing out a nil all draw. In a match dominated by foul throws, there were few chances. The best effort came from a sharp chance from Jamie Watts (Da Vinci) whose 20 metre effort rattled the cross bar. An earlier goal from Da Vinci had been ruled out by a foul throw. Both teams need to consider keeping the ball on the floor and passing to each other if they harbour any hopes of winning the league.   



There are 4 'houses' at Robertswood; Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh and Da Vinci.

Each House has 2 captains from Year 6 to help ensure that the school is running smoothly and that children are following the Star Values. They also help oversee their house in counting the hard earned Respect Tokens, arranging inter-house competitions and leading sporting events such as sports day. 



September 2016 - February 2017 

Da Vinci                            Monet                              Picasso                          Van Gogh

Amber Sumner                  Georgia Wheatcroft           Ethan Bullock                 Oliver Woods

Matthew Aylott                  George Day                     Hettie Ridout                  Isabelle Tennant



A LOOK BACK ON 2015/16

As we look back on 2015/16, it’s hard to put into words the challenges of the past year. Major changes to the way that we assess children in year 1 and above has dominated the work of the year and resulted in a lot of changes to the curriculum in order to meet the demands of the higher expectations from these changes.

When we look at the ‘tests’ that children have taken in phonics and at year 6, there is a positive picture. In year 1, there has been a 10% increase in the overall success rate in phonics and we are now in line with National expectations.

Year 1 Phonics

Overall School

National Average












(to be confirmed)

The success rate at year 2 sees the school continue to be above National expectations for phonics for the second consecutive year running.

Year 2 Phonics

Overall School

National Average






(to be confirmed)

The new tests at year 6 illustrate the school being above National comparisons in reading and grammar and in line for Mathematics.

Year 6 test


% of pupils achieving

the expected standard

Average Scaled Scores


Grammar, punctuation and spelling



Grammar, punctuation and spelling









National Average







We await to see further changes as a result of the ‘interim year’ of assessment but, for the moment, I would like to thank all of the staff for all their hard work during this demanding year from Nursery to Year 6. I would also like to thank the children for their continued positive attitude to learning which has paid off in some great work across many different areas of the curriculum which you have hopefully read in reports. Finally, to parents who continue to be very supportive of many different aspects of school life. This year we are losing a record 31 families in year 6 who have contributed a great deal to the life of the school over many years. We will miss them all but look forward to seeing parents and children who are not leaving next term for another busy year at Robertswood.


OUR YEAR 3 SLEEPOVER - by Jack Braddick








First, we got sent to the toilets and then we did our dance in front of the whole school ready for the summer fair. I was nervous but I was excited. The dance was called ‘Be Our Guest’ from Beauty and the Beast. The dance went quite well.

Next, we went through the village to the River Misbourne and measured the width, depth and speed of the river. We saw lots of baby tadpoles and fish. We stayed at the river for a while. Once we finished going to the river, we went to a garden where we saw a lake with fishing tadpoles and went to the forest where we saw massive plants. They were massive dock leaves!

We went to the Youth Centre to have lunch, it is where kids go to play and have fun. After lunch, we went to the scout camp where we did archery, go-karting, rabbit run or climbing and we went to the adventure playground. My favourite was archery. I only hit the black though.

We came back to school and did the talent show. We had a roast dinner but before that we got changed into my normal clothes and we went into the big playground. It was my birthday so everyone sang happy birthday to me. Then we went to bed and watched Paddington the movie!



Tea dance Year 6 - 20/5/16

Last Friday, the Year Six children brought their family and friends to the hall to enjoy a World War Two style Tea Dance.  In preparation, the children helped to choreograph a series of dances; baked a range of biscuits and cakes using ingredients available during the 1940's as well as presenting poems relating to the war.

The evening was a wonderful occasion, enjoyed by everyone.  Joe Maynard and Matthew Phipps did a fantastic job introducing all of the evening's entertainment.  The children performed a selection of songs from the era which included everyone joining in to sing 'We'll Meet Again'.

The children worked hard to put the whole evening together and should feel very proud of themselves.  



Hundreds of children from local football clubs attended Robertswood Rangers' annual fun day on Saturday. The warmest day of the year saw huge numbers of supporters join in with the fun. Football and sun cream was very much the order of the day. A large number of volunteers (many of them parents from many years ago) turned out to help serve cold refreshments and meat based products with well over 400 burgers being sold. Many visitors commented on the positive atmosphere surrounding the tournament with the tradition of recognising positive contributions of visiting players being received well. We hope that their experience means that we see bumper crowds again next year.  



Robertswood 1 finished third in pool one of the Kingsmead end-of-season netball tournament on Saturday 16th April. The re-arranged tournament saw 18 instead of 32 teams play in some very changeable weather conditions. Robertswood 1’s three wins against Chalfont St Peter Academy (4-2), Little Chalfont (4-0) and Elangeni (8-0) meant that they progressed to the quarter finals only to lose to very good strong Heatherton House but they do come away with third place certificates.
Meanwhile, Robertswood started well winning their first match against Our Lady's 2 (3-0) but then went on to lose their remaining matches. That said, the day was a great experience for this group that will represent the school as Robertswood 1 next season.

Robertswood 1 - Eliza Happel, Anahitaa Hariyani, Evie Maynard, Ellie Seedel-Tripp, Alanah Dent, Caitlin Robertson, Megan Thomas.
Robertswood 2 - Jenna May, Beth Wonnacott, Rose Holt, Amber Sumner, Isabelle Tennant, Harriet Barker and Isabelle Blackwell.


Sport Relief 2016

A fantastic day was had by all. Nearly the whole school dressed in sports gear and everyone in Key Stage 1 and 2 went over to the field in the afternoon, to run a mile. Lots of children, and staff, ran even further but every child joined in with the event. 

During the morning the staff had a Bake Off  and Guess the Weight of the Cake and raised just under £90! Amazing! The money donated by the children has not been totalled yet so watch this space. Year 5 classes had their own cake sale and nearly sold out. Well done to all who provided cakes for that. 

Year 4 visit Ufton Court

Tuesday 09.30 - After a hearty breakfast this morning, the children are excitedly preparing for a Viking raid, and are more than ready to take on the Danes in the Battle of Reading! 

22.40 - Asleep now after a busy and enjoyable day. Night night.

20.04 - The children have enjoyed a delicious Saxon feast this evening, All dressed up in Saxon costume. They tried out some Saxon riddles and games, and the dancing was very popular indeed! They are currently enjoying a story and some hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire, looking forward to curling up in their cosy beds after a busy and exciting day. 

18.22 - So far so good - all going well and the Saxon Feast is about to start... Exciting!

15.27 - Children enjoyed lighting fires this morning and hunting for Saxon clues around the house.
Nice lunch of rice, sweet and sour chicken and garlic bread, followed by ice cream and sprinkles!
We're just being shown dorms and doing a fire drill before getting ready for our feast. 

12.01 - Year 4 have arrived safely and have started their 1st activity. 



World Book Day - 2/4/16


As usual, there was much excitement and effort on the part of Robertswood when it came to World Book Day. Each class nominated a winner who received a book token. Year 6 had their turn on Friday as they went out on a trip on the day itself. Two chances to dress up in a week. Brilliant! The winners from Reception to Year 5 can be seen below. Once again, the event raised the profile of reading and writing when it comes to reflections about character, plot and adventurous vocabulary choices.













A First for Robertswood Swimmers - 26.02.16.

"Just remember, we're here to enjoy ourselves." Wise words from Harry Lee-Knowles, captain of the Robertswood boys' relay team.  For the eight pupils who represented the school, that's exactly what last Friday night was about.

Participating for the first time in the school's history in the Primary Schools Relay Competition, organised by the English Schools Swimming Association, Robertswood faced fierce competition from large Buckinghamshire schools, many of them private and well equipped for training.

Schools from all over Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hillingdon were represented at Woodside Leisure Centre in Watford.  Mr Richings joined proud parents and grandparents in cheering the Robertswood swimmers from the packed gallery.

Each team swam a freestyle relay and a medley relay (backstroke, breast stroke, butterfly and front crawl).  Harry and the girls' captain, Poppy Bridgen, set a great example - and all of our swimmers performed to the best of their abilities.  Most had never competed before; all would very much like to race again.

The team - Ethan Tindley, Ashley Gurnett, Matthew Aylott, Harry Lee-Knowles, Hannah Olivier, Harriet Barker, Gemma Rolfe and Poppy Bridgen.

A busy week at Robertswood - 26.02.16

The highlight of the week came in year 3 and year 5 who both went on trips. Year 3 visited the Hindu temple whilst the year 5's travelled to Hazard Alley (both reports to follow). Thursday saw a dominant display by Van Gogh in the inter house netball league. Finally, Friday's Star of the Week assembly included the announcement of the next round of housecaptains - see below.

Millie Congerton (DaVinci), Eliza Happel (DaVinci), Layla Gilbert (Picasso), Jake Wolfe (Picasso), Megan Thomas (Monet), Max Sastry (Monet), William Doan (Van Gough) and Ellie Seedel-Tripp (Van Gough).



SCIENCE WEEK - 12.02.16

This week the children at Robertswood School took part in the ‘Big Science Event’. Every child from Year 1 to Year 6 became a scientist for the week – they threw themselves into the role by creating their very own experiments. Just like real scientists, the children ensured that their tests were fair and undertook the experiments with great enthusiasm.

Each year group had a theme for their investigations:

Year 1 investigated the world around them;

Year 2 investigated materials;

Year 3 investigated flying;

Year 4 investigated materials;

Year 5 investigated food and

Year 6 investigated music.


There was of wide variety of research questions posed, everything from ‘Will custard go solid when music is played through it?’ to ‘Which fruit is the best electrical conductor?’ and ‘How long can a balloon stay in the air for with different weights inside?’

But no matter what the children investigated, they all thought like scientists and carried out their experiments fantastically thoroughly – discovering answers to questions that many of us wouldn’t think to ask.



Children in years 1 to 6 have worked really hard this week on a number of assessment tasks. Ironically, children have been tested more and more to gain more evidence of where they are and what they need to do next in this new world of assessment without levels. Nevertheless, the children have done really well do give of their best over the week. and the information will be used to inform planning and provision as well as be discussed with parents at up and coming consultations. In the meantime, children can look forward to Science week next week. 

Finally - 175 reading certificates were presented to children for reading 5 times every week across January. This represents a 20% increase. Well done children. Keep it up in February.



Da Vinci 2 : 6 Monet

The final week of January 2016 saw the start of the six week inter house competition. Da Vinci and Monet contested the opening fixture with representation from year 4 - 6. In bright and mild conditions, the first half was a tentative affair with few chances for either teams. The deadlock was broken by da Vinci's captain, Megan Beard, just before half time only to be matched by a goal from Monet's captain, Evie Maynard just before half-time. The second half, however, belonged to Monet after some positional changes at half-time with the greens running out as winners thanks to some fantastic finishing from Poppy Bridgen.