Star Values


Our ‘Star Values’ are very useful. They remind us of expectations and help us to live generously towards each other within and outside of school. They are used to provide focus for assemblies and are explored in lessons in order to develop the culture of Robertswood into a harmonious, safe and enjoyable environment in which to learn. Ultimately, they will provide the foundations for a successful and fulfilling life.


The School Council have been working very hard recently reviewing the school behaviour policy and discussing ways to further improve life for pupils at Robertswood School.  It was agreed that the Star Values were an excellent set of guidelines for all pupils on how to behave, but the children felt there was something missing.  They decided that what was needed was a new tenth Star Value, aimed at encouraging individual effort and personal responsibility. 

The School Council introduced this new Star Value to the school in an assembly they organised this week, and it has been very well received by both staff and children. 

It is a value that can be followed by children and adults at school, at home or in the community:

Always try hard to do your best in everything that you do.

Thank you to the Robertswood School Council for this excellent piece of advice for life.