Robertswood Nursery

Admission Policy and Procedures

The number of intended admissions to the Nursery Class for each academic year will be 30 per session. The earliest time that a child can join the Nursery Class is the half term after their third birthday. The Governors will in no circumstances consider an application for earlier admission.

Robertswood Nursery is a ‘designated nursery’. The Governors have the responsibility for setting the admissions criteria to the Nursery. Parents do not have a statutory right to appeal to an independent panel in relation to Nursery admissions.

Please note there is no automatic right to transfer from a nursery place to an infant place.

Applications for places in our main school Reception classes have to be made to the Local Education Authority in the academic year that a child turns 4 years old.

All parents will need to complete an ‘Application for Inclusion on Waiting List’ form which can be obtained from the school office. In the term before their 3rd Birthday we will write to parents asking them what sessions they would like their child to do. On receipt of this request we will then be able to see whether we can accommodate your request for sessions dependant on availability.

Places are offered by the governors on a chronological basis, with the oldest children being offered first. At the start of each academic year the children that have already been attending the Nursery will be offered a place before any new admissions.


Waiting List Policy

Should Nursery reach its maximum admission number, children will be placed on a waiting list in priority order, according to the above criteria.

Date of application will not be taken into account.

Starting Nursery

We offer flexible entitlement in our Nursery. In line with the new Government initiative of ‘30 hours extended entitlement’, we will be offering 30 hour places to those eligible dependent upon the capacity within our Nursery at the time of your offer. For those who are not eligible we will continue to offer 15 funded hours with the option to purchase additional top up sessions. The introduction of the new Government funding system will not affect our admissions policy and procedures, as detailed above.

The Department for Education have advised us that the 30 hours eligibility checker for parents to use is now available. Parents are able to apply for this funding via the website All eligible parents will have to provide us with an 11 digit authorisation code, which will be generated during the eligibility checking process.

The morning session runs from 8.30am until 11.30am and the afternoon session runs from 12.30pm until 3.30pm. In addition we also offer a lunchtime club at an additional charge of £4.25 (from September 2017).

When children start at the Nursery they will be invited to attend a morning or afternoon session with their parents. This will allow parents to see the systems that are in place, meet the Nursery staff and to have a better understanding of the routines of the Nursery.  This will also allow the class teacher the opportunity to meet all the parents and to complete any necessary forms.

To allow for this induction to run smoothly, children will have a staggered entry into the Nursery, so that a small group of children can start each day, allowing staff, parents and children to become familiar with each other.  These dates will always be confirmed in writing as it will depend on the number of new children.  This is an essential part of the induction process for both new children and their families and the existing pupils.

Admission Criteria

No child will be refused a place because of gender, race, religious belief, academic ability or aptitude.

A Complaints Policy is available should any parent be unhappy with the way in which their application has been considered. Details are available from the school upon request.

For further details please contact the school office:

Robertswood School
Denham Lane
Chalfont St Peter
01753 888327

Entitlement to 'top up' and purchase additional sessions (if not eligible to addtional 15 hours)
Entitlement to 'top up' to a full time place is offered, subject to availability, and will be allocated on a chronological basis at the time of offering places in the Nursery. An additional five 3-hour sessions can be purchased at £5 per hour (£15 for the sessions). Children who stay all day will be required to bring a packed lunch and a supervision charge of £3 will be added. Applications to 'top up' and purchase additional sessions to a full time place must be arranged termly in advance in agreement with the school. A half term's notice will be required if parents wish to cancel a place that they are paying for at Robertswood. Robertswood School reserves the right to charge a half term's fees should parents not provide this notice.

Payment methods
Invoices for payment of additional 'top up' nursery sessions will be issued four weeks in advance of the sessions being used and payment will be due immediately. Cheque payment should be given in an envelope addressed with the child's name, along with the words, Nursery Fees. Cheques should be made payable to 'Robertswood School'. Payment can also be made via 'parentpay' once a child is enrolled at Robertswood. The Headteacher and Governing Body reserve the right to amend the frequency of invoicing.

Payment for additional sessions can also be made by using Childcare Vouchers. If your employer offers the scheme, basic rate taxpayers are entitled to £243 a month tax exempt.

If a child is absent, refunds or reductions are not available. (Nursery costs do not reduce if your child is absent). Similarly, free entitlement hours are not transferable with paid hours in the event of absence.

Payment arrears
Any invoices not paid will become nursery fee arrears. Failure to pay arrears within 2 weeks will result in the child's additional sessions at the Nursery being withdrawn until the account has been brought up to date.

It should be noted that a place in Robertswood School Nursery Class does not automatically guarantee a place at Robertswood School. Applications for school places should be made directly to the Local Education Authority in line with the Admissions Policy for Robertswood School.

Payment Refunds
The nursery flexible hours fee is non-refundable. A refund will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances with agreement of the Headteacher and Governors after assessing the situation on individual cases.