School Council

School Council 2017 - 18


6M - Beth Wonnacott and Kieran Wightman

6 AC - Savannah Aylott and Ben Goodwin

5C - Amelia Savage and Louis Ayers-Mason

 5T - Millie Jones and Pierce Bawn

4 DA - Freya Manning and Gavin Gyiripah

4S - Kristen Bullock and Cuba Altass

3R - Francesca Aylott and Oliver Collins

3W - Aimee Morgan and Louie Doyle


School Council 2016-17


This year our School Council Team are:


3W - Tilly Cox and Louis Cochrane

3M - Aine Schnell and Finn Toomey

40 - Jack Braddick and Molly Davies

4L - Euan Williams and Abby Dennis

5T - Chloe Mustoe and Daniel Stallard

5KR - Stanley Ridout and Kyla Harris

6C - Alfie King and Hollie Vaughan-Smith

6AC - Ethan Rose and Carys Butler





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