Spring 2016

Spring Term Respect Token Competition - FINAL


Van Gogh


Da Vinci







24.3.16 Ellie Seedel-Tripp and Willaim Doan housecaptains of Van Gogh parade their third trophy in a row.

18.4.16 Monet go second as we go into the final week.

11.4.16 It must be Van Gogh.

3.4.16 It's still Van Gogh. 

19.2.16 Van Gogh extend their lead.

12.2.16 Van Gogh looking like they will secure a third victory for the year. 

5.2.16 It's close for second.

29.1.16 The 2,000 barrier was broken this week with 2204 respect Tokens being earned. Van Gogh are now way out in the lead. 

22.1.16 1336 Respect Tokens this week with the lion's share going to Van Gogh. 

15.1.16 1298 Respect Tokens earned this week. Well done to everybody. The bumper week of tokens has helped Van Gogh extend their lead and Monet go into second. 

8.1.16 New tem same result. Van Gogh lead.