Spring 2017

Respect Tokens update


Da Vinci
Van Gogh

31.03.17 - DA VINCI WIN and it's close for second.

24.03.17 - It has to be Da Vinci as we enter the final week. 

17.03.17 - It's not a green day today. It's still very much blue.

10.03.17 - All houses pass the 4,000 barrier with Van Gogh making their move on the leaders with three weeks to go.

03.03.17 - Da Vinci extend lead

24.02.17 - Van Gogh close the gap on the leaders. 

10.02.17 - Da Vinci well ahead at half-term. Van Gogh trade places with Picasso, again.

03.02.17- Da Vinci open up a healthy lead.

27.01.17 - Da Vinci extend their lead and Picasso move into second.

20.01.17 - Da Vinci take over the lead

13.01.17 - All change at the top with Picasso lifting themselves off the bottom for the first time in two years. 

06.01.17 - Monet take an early lead.