Summer 2016

Summer Term Respect Token Competition - Final


Da Vinci


Van Gogh






20.07.16 - It's DA VINCI.

15.07.16 - It must be Da Vinci as we go into the final week.

08.07.16 - Da Vinci close in on their 6th victory in the history of the Respect Token competition.

01.07.16 - It's Da Vinci, as the 20,000 barrier is nearly broken.

24.06.16 - Looking increasingly likely that Da Vinci will secure victory this term.

17.06.16 - Depsite no year 6's, a bumper week of Respect Tokens. 

10.06.16 - Da Vinci passes 4,000 whilst Monet go second (their highest position for two years)

26.05.16 - Da Vinci hold the lead at half-term. Over 13,000 Resepct Tokens by June. Well done everybody. 

20.05.16 - Postions seem to have settled down into a pattern.

13.05.16 - Da Vinci extend lead during SATs week.

06.05.16 - Da Vinci begin to dominate as they pass through the 2000 Respect Token mark.

29.04.16 - All change at the top.

22.04.16 - Normal service resumed - but it's tight at the top!

15.04.16 - A new term. A new leader. In fact, positions have been reversed. Well done Picasso - a great start.