Summer 2017


Da Vinci
Van Gogh

21.07.17 - Monet managed to claim their 4th ever success in this competition breaking the recent dominance of Da Vinci to lead from the end of the 3rd week. Obviously, house captains must have been encouraging their team mates around school to help secure this rare victory. Well done Monet.

14.07.17 Monet extend lead as we enter the final week.

07.07.17 Monet pass Da Vinci.

30.06.17 Da Vinci's lead is reduced to ONLY 7!

23.06.17 Da Vinci respond to pressure from Monet and open up a lead of a 100. 

16.06.17 - Very close at the top.

09.06.17 - It's all change near the top with Monet accelerating into second.

25.05.17 - Da Vinci... but only just - gap down to 20.

19.05.17 - Van Gogh make a move on the leaders and close the gap to 30.

12.05.17 - Van Gogh move into second and Monet challenge for thrid place at the end of SATs week.

05.05.17 - Despite a shortened week, Da Vinci open up a health lead. 

28.04.17 - Da Vinci extend their lead. Come on Picasso, Van Gogh and Monet let's get some more Respect Tokens.

21.04.17 - Last term's champions lead again at the end of the first week.